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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 19, 2018 11:00am-11:14am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin a new record for misery the united nations refugee agency says almost sixty nine million people were forcibly displaced last year fleeing war violence and persecution u.n.h.c.r. will be here to give us the details also coming out shame of returning home empty handed that's what some migrants experience when they're turned away from europe and face a future with no prospects back in the land of their birth. and of the world cup england tried to avoid the curse of the favorites in the group stage of the dance
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tunisia it was anything but a walk in the park superstar harry kane did all he could but it wasn't enough to have analysis from moscow. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us in many places around the world the strains caused by a record number of people on the move are causing massive problems in different ways that dominates our program today we begin with a new report by the un refugee agency that says war and conflict have led to the biggest increase in refugees and displaced people since it started monitoring the situation in one thousand nine hundred fifty one its report says that since two thousand and sixteen the number of refugees has increased by three million to a total of sixty eight point five million people that's a new record roughly two thirds of them. are from these five countries syria
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afghanistan south sudan myanmar and somalia the agency says that resolving just one of these regional conflicts would have a major impact on the global refugee crisis well the united nations high commissioner for refugees has released its report with us here to talk about it is the u.n.h.c.r. representative in germany dominic botch thanks for being with us so the number of refugees has jumped to a new level what's behind the numbers well i'm afraid the cause is unchanged it is conflict that is civil wars it is persecution against individuals the drivers that force people to seek protection elsewhere unchanged so in a way it is almost a given fact that this number increases year on year that many of the nations that take in the refugees they're poor and they're struggling to cope even rich
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countries are having difficulty dealing if not in practical terms in political terms how is the what is the u.n. doing to try to promote burden sharing among these countries there is a concerted effort now to try and end hons the international solidarity that ties together countries that a major whose countries that have accommodated large numbers of refugees and those that support refugee operations those that taken refuge use food resettlement to try and recalibrate this and also recognize the important contribution that host countries around the was areas make to give one example you know the amount of land that a country uganda makes available for refugees themselves and on to set of their it's quite significant and i think that too has to be part of the focus of international support and also development investment. speaking of international
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support the united nations you talked about the drivers of migration and refugees what is the u.n. doing to try to to stop the conflicts that are driving these refugees to leave their homes we need one level of course the united nations has the security council in which important decisions are taken the bold. peacekeeping missions and initiatives and maintaining peace and security but we also know that look at syria this conflict has been raging for more than seven years novels or babies no imminent solution in sight in the meantime the united nations is trying to combine many tarion emergency assistance with investments in development activities to make sure that people get a perspective that they're not just warehoused in countries that have provided protection but they actually have the opportunity to put their children through school i think these are very important measures to support and sustain refugee
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populations precisely in those countries that otherwise at a disadvantage mr bush thank you so much for talking with us today dominic bush the u.n. h.c.r. representative here in germany. large scale migration is putting pressure on governments all over the world many western governments are tightening their policies so more and more migrants are being sent home again via in west africa is one of the world's poorest nations so many young demi and strive to make it to europe but when they're sent back home they're often stigmatized as failures and have few opportunities to improve their prospects. known endearingly as a smiling coast of africa the gambia has little in way of its economy to smile about two decades of tyrannical rule forced especially young people to europe in search of a better life but now under new governance these migrants asylum applications of being rejected and dumb dollars spent three years in germany training and working
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as a caregiver for the elderly until he was unexpectedly deported he now lives with his mother and six other people in a small house in the capital banjul. from the surely this is my folder from school in germany where the number in the class home they arrested me inside the classroom so i had to take it with me and one of. my brought my school books all the way back with me. on from here brah. this is the worst case scenario oh well integrated immigrant with job prospects in germany ends up back in the gambia with nothing the twenty two year old can barely bring himself to give the house ashamed he didn't live up to his expectations. government who would visit everyone they want to deport but i don't have any. problem in germany my whole three years. i couldn't comment not in only walk
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then my home meter between you and finish i'm going to score points it's really hard for me right now because they're deport me right out morning i lost my job in germany and i'm here in one year i don't have any support for anybody so. activist knows how bleak the situation can be they're coming home to a country that has no. opportunities for them. let me talk country that has been done right and you know they're coming back our society that we stigmatize them that we treat them like if you lose. you to be deported just to this is really be treated like a failure and here's the stigma of a society that notifies the western world it's not the best start for the gambia as young democracy but youth minister henry gomez says these little the virtually
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bankrupt country can do it i can assure you that anybody. who came to my office. has been put into some way to do something we have would not. know one of them but minister are you saying that in this country in order to get a job you have to see the minister i cannot. cite for all of them understood what i can or soon want to apple. problem if it comes to my office but. the people in my can have nothing to show for this to have brought nothing to look forward to at home. now let's catch up on some other stories making news today german chancellor has begun to push for a europe wide deal on migration meeting
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a europe wide deal on migration meeting new italian prime minister just epic antti in berlin the bilateral talks focused on reducing the number of refugee arrivals to europe today merkel is due to meet her french counterpart manuel michel. reports from yemen say saudi backed forces have entered the main compound at the airport in the city of data after heavy fighting with the rebels coalition forces started an assault on the rebel held city a week ago is yemen's main port and a key supply help for the rebels china has found to retaliate after president trump threatened to impose a ten percent tax on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese exports is the latest round in an escalating trade war between the world's two biggest economies the tit for tat threats sent stock markets in asia and europe tumbling. and north korean leader kim jong un is in beijing it's believed he's there to brief chinese president xi jinping on his summit with us present. china's foreign minister he
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said the visit would strengthen relations with north korea and promote peace in the region u.s. rapper j. say on for oil was shot dead in his car in florida beach on monday better known by his stage name x x x ten ten. the twenty year old released atop a chart topping album in march the police suspect that his killers motive was robbery. world cup news now and there were wins for the two favorites belgium and england in group last night in the end england were made to respect their opponents tunisia but when belgium hawk torrens with world cup to panama the gulf in class was clear to see. after a sluggish first time off trees martin's finally broke the deadlock for belgium shortly after half time with the sat for it's time and after that the
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match really got rolling for the favorites the man who cocky needing just six minutes to add two more goals three nil despite a slow start belgium kick off their world cup campaign in a convincing fashion. and then followed suit against tunisia meeting just eleven minutes before their top marksman hurricane put them in front johnstone's header brilliantly saved only for came to be perfectly positioned for the rebound. but after this challenge between walker and ben use of. the referee awarded a penalty. for jonny sosie kept his cool to convert from the spot i would all after thirty five minutes a flattering score for that unit's hands i. would only stay till deep in injury time when harry kane became a national hero by scoring his second to ensure england got a winning start to this world cup group is definitely poised to be a two horse race between engines i know there's been
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a lot of talk about the title holders curse what is that and should germany really be worried. taeyang the world cup back in one nine hundred sixty two so it just goes to show you how hard it is to defend this trophy how hard it is to keep together a winning group of players that has done that as best he can obviously he's had summer time and now to be fit and bastian schweinsteiger from the twenty four team winning side the consequently he names the oldest japanese starting eleven for sixteen years against mexico when a lot of the german fans we were speaking to fearing that maybe this side apos that best they really did look off the pace and notably in midfield so maybe there's a chance that some of the younger players to come through and shine a judean brandt's look very good when he came on maybe leon gretzky got his chance jonathan thank you so much our world cup correspondent. finally a hot believed to have belonged to the prince emperor napoleon bonaparte has gone
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up for auction in leone the military dress hat was purportedly plucked off the battlefield after napoleon's nineteen fifteen eighteen fifteen defeat at waterloo it sold for three hundred fifty thousand euros as to who actually vault the imperial headwear well the auction house was keeping that detail under its. forgive the pun you're watching news sumi will be with you at the top the next two hours another full bulletin thanks for watching. the world for information they provide to the paintings they want to express their t.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and to touch.


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